Tooletries - The Koby Dopp Kit MINI


Take your mini to the Max

There are many uses for the Koby Mini. In fact, we probably should have called it the Koby Many. Yep, this little storage powerhouse is perfect for school, office, home, travel, and much more. But not only that – it’s also waterproof, antibacterial, and super durable. Plus, it has a handsome, leather-like, easy-to-clean silicone texture. After all, it’s important to remain stylish when you’re away from home.  

8.5 x 2.75 x 2 inches

LEAK RESISTANT: It’s important to keep everything dry when you travel. That’s why we’ve designed our bags using waterproof silicone.

SMALL but MIGHTY: This small companion is also built to last with tonnes of storage.

TOUGH ZIPPER: We’ve developed a zipper that can withstand the kind of rough-and-tumble that even the burliest of travelling men can dish out.