Golden Grooming - Beard & Hair Shampoo


We've reformulated out beard and hair shampoo and we know you're going to love it. This new shampoo has more moisturizing power, to help keep your beard and hair healthy. Our conditioning ingredients keep your hair looking its best and feeling smooth.

A great beard and hair shampoo is essential to keeping your beard healthy.

How to use Beard and Hair Shampoo

STEP 1 - Lather a little into your beard and hair.

STEP 2 - Rinse, and you’re done.

Key Ingredients for Beard and Hair Shampoo

Sunflower Oil - Rich with Vitamin A and E, this helps keep your skin healthy and makes the beeswax smooth and spreadable. 

Other Essential Oils - Antioxidant and vitamin-rich oils that help nourish, moisturize and strengthen your beard.