Laboratoires OSMA - Hemo-Stop Styptic Pencil


Osma Hemo-Stop Styptic Pencil is a handy alum stick that will be your best friend against razor nicks and cuts. It is a quick and reliable approach to help with occasional shaving mishaps. 


  • Reduce irritation post-shave
  • Helps stop bleeding from minor nicks and cuts
  • Dampen the nib and dab onto affected area
  • Prevents irritation from insect bites
  • Rinse and dry after each use 
  • Carries cleansing anti-bacterial effect.
  • Crafted using Potassium alum 
  • Ideal for all shaving situations
  • Housed in a convenient clear travel tube with resealable snap cap
  • This stick is more comfortable to apply due to its handy shape

Product of France.