Golden Grooming - Face Wash


Our formula gently and completely cleans your handsome face so you don't need to use a separate toner. Its antioxidants and natural toners provide wonderful anti-aging benefits, leaving behind clean, fresh and ageless skin.

Ideal for men with sensitive, oily, normal and combo skin types.

This is the best daily face wash for black men and other men of color.

How to use Face Wash

STEP 1 - Wash your face and neck every morning and night.

STEP 2 - Squeeze a dime-sized amount into hands then rub hands together.

STEP 3 - Apply to face in circular, upward motions. Be gentle with your skin; you don't need heavy pressure to cleanse.

STEP 4 - Rinse, then pat dry.

Key Ingredients for Face Wash

Organic Lavender - Gently but powerfully cleans dead skin, dirt, and oil, without over drying.
Organic Aloe - Hydrates and soothes skin.
Olive Oil - Additional hydration to prevent dry skin
Organic Rooibos - Provides anti-inflammatory benefits
Vitamins A, C, B5, & E - Provides anti-ageing benefits.